Checkup CLI Schema

Checkup CLI has a specific result schema it produces when running tasks. That schema is as follows:

export interface CheckupResult {
info: {
project: {
name: string;
version: string;
repository: {
totalCommits: number;
totalFiles: number;
age: string;
activeDays: string;
cli: {
schema: number;
configHash: string;
config: CheckupConfig;
version: string;
flags: {
paths: [];
analyzedFilesCount: number;
results: TaskResult[];
errors: TaskError[];
actions: Action[];

Checkup Result Interface

info property

Contains information related to the project that was run.

results property

Contains a list of task results from each task.

errors property

Contains a list of errors, if any, generated from tasks during invocation.

actions property

Contains any actions triggered as a result of running a task.