checkup PATHS

A CLI that provides health check information about your project

$ checkup [run] PATHS
PATHS The paths that checkup will operate on. If no paths are provided, checkup
will run on the entire directory beginning at --cwd.
-c, --config=config Use this configuration, overriding .checkuprc.*
if present.
-d, --cwd=cwd [default: /Users/scalvert/Workspace/travis-web]
The path referring to the root directory that
Checkup will run in
-e, --excludePaths=excludePaths Paths to exclude from checkup. If paths are
provided via command line and via checkup
config, command line paths will be used.
-f, --format=stdout|json [default: stdout] The output format, one of
stdout, json
-h, --help show CLI help
-l, --listTasks List all available tasks to run.
-o, --outputFile=outputFile Specify file to write report to.
-t, --task=task Runs specific task specified by the fully
qualified task name in the format
pluginName/taskName. Can be used multiple times.
-v, --version show CLI version