A health checkup for your project

Checkup is pre-release and still in active development.

Checkup aims to provide you with insights into your codebase. You can track the evolution of your code and chart its progress, such as:

  1. Metrics

    • repository meta data

    • lines of code breakdown

    • types breakdown

  2. Best practices

    • suggested areas of improvement

  3. Dependencies

    • listing outdated dependencies

  4. Linting

    • summarized lint runs

    • linting overrides

  5. Testing

    • test type breakdown (unit, integration, functional, visual, etc)

  6. Migrations

    • active code migration progress

This allows you to have a more full, high level view of your codebase at any one point in time. Checkup can help you with making resourcing decisions, planning and prioritizing the general health of your codebase.

What you get with Checkup

Checkup provides you with a CLI, which can be run against your code base. Using a custom Checkup configuration file, plugins can be configured and loaded containing tasks to run. The CLI will execute these tasks on your codebase, ultimately aggregating and producing a comprehensive Checkup report.


See Usage for information on usage.

Installation and Contributing

To contribute to Checkup, you'll need to clone and setup the repository. See the Quickstart documentation to start. To contribute, please read the Contributing guidelines.


Read more about the mission, vision, and overall direction of checkup in the spec document.